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AutoSurfTes is a traffic exchange system. After you signup, you will be able to add your sites into our system. After then, you can earn credits via the autosurf we provide to you or you can purchase credits.

Your websites will then appear to our other members via the autosurf system which they run on their computers. You will earn 1 credit for every 2 sites you view on the autosurf or you can upgrade to get 1 credit for each site you view.

We also encourage you to join more autosurf sites, we list another 25 autosurf sites for you to join in our downline builder in the members area.

You simply join them, login to them, start surfing and they will also surf automatically without the need of clicking.

Most users run auto surf traffic exchanges in the background, however, from our experience over the years of tracking links and other tracking data, you will get some visitors who do look at the sites being advertised. It is not a complete waste of time and resources running auto traffic exchanges as most people seem to think...

Auto surf exchanges are great for increasing alexa or other website rankings based on traffic, and they also work good for increasing banner exchanges / text ad exchanges credits.

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